RFC: Repository platform comparison

I interrupt your regularly-scheduled blog to ask for some help... comments closed on this post so that you'll comment where it'll do the most good.


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We are working on comparing four digital-repository software packages (DSpace, ePrints, Fedora, and Zentity) in hopes of helping libraries and other institutions select the most appropriate software for their requirements. Read more about our project at

We invite anyone who has recently embarked upon planning for a digital repository to tell us what criteria were used to select a software package. (We are not interested in hosted repository services at this time, only repositories managed in-house.) Your input will inform our testing criteria.

Please leave your comments at http://blogs.lib.purdue.edu/rep/2010/02/25/a-comparative-analysis-of-institutional-repository-software/. Pointers to public planning documents or lists of criteria are equally welcome. Though we will read all comments submitted, we plan to respond only by private email so as not to bias the public comment-stream.

We very much appreciate your assistance!

Siddharth Singh, Michael Witt, and Dorothea Salo

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