40 Under 40

I don't know that I ever announced this on the blog, but I'm off tomorrow to NYC for an event run by CUNY Feminist Press - last fall they named me one of 40 Young Feminist Writers under 40 whose work on food and environmental issues was changing the way people think about women's issues. I didn't make it to the October Gala for family reasons, but I'm excited to head downstate tomorrow and meet the other folks!

I admit, I'm excited that the context that I've been working to bring to connect our energy history to the way gender roles have changed has been noticed! I've won a bunch of awards over the years, but this one matters a great deal to me because I think that part of the story of women hasn't yet been told fully!


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By Cassandra (not verified) on 27 Apr 2011 #permalink

Congrats, Sharon! It is, of course, very deserved.




By Annabelle (not verified) on 27 Apr 2011 #permalink

What a wonderful, well-deserved award, Sharon! As a former Women's Studies prof who is still connected to the academic community, it has been a pleasure to recommend your books and blogs to those interested. This spring our local university offered a Gender and Food class which I was invited to speak to and of course, I brought a copy of each of your books as recommended further reading.

Congratulations, indeed!

By Lisa Coons (not verified) on 27 Apr 2011 #permalink

Super cool. And I'd have to agree with their assessment.

re: "I think that part of the story of women hasn't yet been told fully!"

A pretty amusing understatement there! :-)

Go get 'em. And watch out for tornadoes.

congratulations - well deserved. Just curious - who are the other 39?

IIRC, judging by your bio and previous remarks about your age, this has not come any too soon...

Congratulations Sharon, you have earned the recognition!

By ChrisBear (not verified) on 30 Apr 2011 #permalink

Hmmmp...Glenn, I've got 1 year and three and a half whole months before I reach 40, dammit ;-) ;-).

I can't find an internet link to the original list of award winners - I'll type them up if I have to, but I'm still looking.

Thanks for the congrats - it was a terrific event.