Lots of stuff to update you all on. First, the family expansion project - still nothing new. After three months of waiting, we've decided to expand our looking in a few different ways - our county just doesn't have a placement, and after all the work of getting ready, we're anxious to get one.

Meanwhile, I'm powering through the Adapting-In-Place Manual, and it will be out next spring. Here's a preview of the Cover:

Making Home Cover.pdf

I'm also getting ready for the ASPO-USA conference - where I'm going to be sharing a hotel room with Nicole Foss. We're going to have a late night zombie-prevention session in our room ;-), so you definitely want to come!

Finally, I've got some baby wether goats for sale and one adult buck in his prime. Email me at for details, and check out my beautiful boys here.


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Definitely prefer the food cover, but both are gorgeous. To me the food says home, rather than the hat. I can hardly wait to read this!

I like the one with the food too. Good luck finding homes for your goats.

By Cassandra (not verified) on 12 Oct 2011 #permalink

I SO want to be at the late night zombie prevention session. Can I at least join in spirit? :)

Both book covers are beautiful - but I think the food one is more 'you'. ;)

Can you please ask foss why someone as impenetrable as Ashvin Pandurangi takes up so much space on her blog? I cannot understand a word s/he writes. Perhaps I am just too deficient to get it but I read Ashvin Pandurangi's stuff and I wake up three hours later refreshed but none the wiser.

By conchscooter (not verified) on 12 Oct 2011 #permalink

If you/the publisher are taking votes, put me down for fruit over hat as well! The hat, while pretty, looks more like a novel.

By curiousnomad (not verified) on 13 Oct 2011 #permalink

I saw the food, and thought, "Lovely photo", then the hat and thought, "Ahhh!". The hat is the one that says "right here" to me the clearest, by far.

I definitely vote for the food cover.

By Mary Ellen (not verified) on 13 Oct 2011 #permalink

I like both covers but the food one looks like it was taken somewhere in Europe - I mean, how many Americans would choose *a quince* out of all the fruit grown in the US? A lovely quince it is and I know that your book will have global appeal, but...

Lately the saying "home is where you hang your hat" has been stuck in my head. Since this book discusses adapting in place - out of desire or necessity - the hat, to me, is a simple but poignant symbol of home-making. Therefore, in my humble opinion, the hat illustration says "this is my home." Simple, graceful; I'd go with that.

By Kerri in AK (not verified) on 13 Oct 2011 #permalink

A nickel's worth of free opinion - the food, definitely. Though as far as "home," I'd have liked to have a kitchen visible in the background. Or maybe the food sitting on the brim of the hat. Oh well - I think that's 15 cents' worth of free opinion already!

Do you think you'll get a bit of time to visit OccupyDC? I don't know when I'll get there (car to train, train to city, and only if I have cash for gas and train fare!), and I'd love to read your take.