Plot Threads

Plot complexity is not, in and of itself, a measure of the quality of a work of communication, but it is surely a measure of something:

Frodo Baggins vs Luke Skywalker:

This is just awesome - click to embiggen

- from XKCD
Really big version is here...

Hm: the Ents actually sort of show up indirectly in the Shire, so could have a thread going back to there.
No Tom Bombadil thread?

The darned "Army of the Dead" really does show up out of nowhere as a plot device.
Why couldn't Aragon have gone up North to recruit the Dwarves of Iron Hills, Men of Dale and Elves of the Wood, and Beorn and his kin - that'd have made an army.
Probably not logistically possible to move fast enough to matter.

h/t Jessica at bioephemera

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Ohh, how I love 12 Angry Men (the original).