Zoom into a Surreal Collaboration

I've had a link to the original zoomquilt on my blogroll for as long as I've had a blogroll. The idea of a collaborative online art project has always intrugied me. Can a dozen plus different artists around the world paint the same canvas, and still have a cohesive work of art? The first zoomquilt was strange, an eclectic collection of surreal and morbid scenes, each blending practically seamlessly into the next. Now, there is a second Zoomquilt available:


Zoomquilt 2: Click to visit and zoom in. (Flash is required.)

Like the first, this Zoomquilt is a montage of bizarre images. The scenes in this one have doubled, with more artists involved, and even more unsettling sights. I can't claim to have a favorite view on this one; the image above was captured more or less at random. I do like the framed mountain in the distance.

In the first Zoomquilt, you could zoom in and out by holding the mouse button and dragging away from or towards the image. In this version, there is a little bar on the left, which pops up as you move the mouse to the side, and controls the direction and speed. It works a little better for letting the image scroll by itself, but I think I preferred the original method.

Even if it is a little awkward and bizarre, or induces nausea in some people (for this one is a bit more wobbly than the last) it is worth checking out.

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You Assholes. your site won't let me go back. now I have to hit the red x and start all over, simply because you folks are so damn insecure for customers you feel that inconveinencing them is the way to gain confedence.


If I'm not mistaken, most browsers allow you to right click on the back button, or access the recent history in some way, so if trapped in a loop like that, you can escape without going for the X.

That is if you don't already have some sort of chip on your shoulder. I'm amused that you think this was some sort of intentional attempt to get you to read--it isn't. People read here because they like what they see, not because they are forced. In fact, that particular Google image search bug annoys the fuck out of me too. Perhaps we are assholes. But not for the reasons you suggest.