Blogiversity? Blogcity? Blogstate?

Inspired by RPM of Evolgen, I ask, how many people in your school/University, or town, or state, are blogging, especially about science?

First, I don't know of anyone from my University who blog privately, though you can probably search the MSNBlogs etc. for schools and locales. But, folks at North Carolina State University started, just a few months ago, their own blogging service, called WolfBlogs, using Webroller as the platform. There are still not that many blogs there, most are still trying to figure out how to do this thing, but a few have taken off nicely, and a couple are science-related:

Science! is written by the Physical and Mathematical Sciences reference librarian at D.H.Hill library.

Physical and Engineering Science News is written by the Physical and Engineering Sciences reference librarian at D.H.Hill library.

Aedes Egypti and Fred Gould are blogs by the students and the PI respectively in the Entomology (ecology and evolution) lab of Dr.Fred Gould.

Cell Lab appears like an aborted experiment, but may restart after the summer is over. There are also some course-blogs there, as well as a nice political blog Fully Myelinated.

As for the town (Chapel Hill), the area (Triangle), and the state (North Carolina) this is a thriving bloging community with many good bloggers. You can see a partial list and the aggregator on, or follow the Tar Heel Tavern carnival, or check out various blogging activities at BlogTogether.

Out of all those many blogs, some are about science. You are reading one of those as we speak. Here on SEED's scienceblogs, there are a few more North Carolinians: Abel PharmBoy of Terra Sigillata, Dave and Great Munger of Cognitive Daily and James Hrynyshyn of Island Of Doubt.

Reed Cartwright has just moved to Raleigh (and NCSU). His blog De Rerum Natura is, thus, a local blog now. Reed is also one of the founders/contributors of Panda's Thumb.

Rob Gluck writes a very narrowly focused blog - Ivory-bills Live.

Russ Williams, The Director of the NC Zoo in Asheboro, keeps a great blog at Russlings.

SwampStuff and SwampThings are blogs by a nature watcher and nature photographer from northeastern North Carolina.

Any others that you know of? How about your school, town or state?


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Although it's a real kick to have these blog conversations with folks around the world, I've always liked your philosophy that blogging can actual strengthen one's local community. Thanks, of course, for the plug.

While Rick at Science, Shrimp, and Grits is just south of our border in South Carolina, I really enjoy his chemistry posts and his reviews of barbecue joints in NC and SC - oh, and, of course, the shrimp and grits recipe posted by his wife, Patty.