Triangle Blogger Bash at DPAC

Ah, it takes me so long these days to actually blog about events I attend! This one was last Thursday! But here it is. I went to the Triangle Blogger Bash in Durham, organized by Ginny of 30THREADS (find them on Twitter as well) and hosted by the Durham Performing Arts Center.

I am bad at estimating crowds, but there were at least 50 local bloggers there, some new to me, some old friends like Lenore, Anton, Will, Sheril, Ayse, Wayne and Ginny. There was a nice spread of food and a cash bar. The hosts gave out nice prizes (I never ever win stuff like that). You can see some blog reports here and here.

But the real star of the evening was Rachel (picture under the fold), who is DPAC's online marketing person. She really gets it, and I am glad that DPAC is forward-looking to hire her and let her do her job properly. She has set up DPAC for all sorts of social networking, so you can follow her (and thus DPAC news and events) on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, and, as was announced at the Blogger Bash, on their brand new blog. Check it out!

On a more ego-stroking note, Rachel said that the DPAC folks really liked my review of Fiddler on the Roof and sent the link around to various people in the theater business, both locally and in places like New York City. Nice!

Legally Blonde is playing there this week and we'll be going on Friday. And then it's time to renew the season's tickets for the next season, which looks amazing already!


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I forgot to say that it took all the strength and willpower I had to restrain myself from approaching the microphone and belting out one of the Fiddler tunes ;-)