@ the British Library, July 22

I'm happy to say that I'll be doing a forum at the British Library on July 22, called Scientific Findings in a Digital World: What is the Genuine Article? There's a Nature Network group you can join to participate in the creation of the agenda.

This is pretty cool. The British Library is a legendary institution, and has some personal resonance for me too - my dad wrote a big chunk of his dissertation in the reading room there. I'll make a few introductory comments and then do my best Oprah impersonation.

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Phase 6" in the context of "mild" novel H1N1 flu. They would have much less to worry about if they had been doing a good job all along of informing the public at teachable moments. The public would better understand possible/unfolding scenarios ... and would better trust their public authorities about this.

I heard him at the thing and then afterward at an after party, and I want it to be so revolutionary, as I enjoyed him very much in 2004, but I feel like it doesn't feel any less stumpy than other political speech-sayers.

Sounds awesome! Although I did not really need the image of Oprah holding forth in the venerable BL.