Blogging break over & summer reading wrapup

My annual summer blogging break has officially come to a close. I returned to work Monday after a very nice four week vacation. Yes, I use my whole annual vacation allotment all at once and go the rest of the year without any significant break except for Christmas.

The first three weeks we spent most of our time at a cottage we rent every year near Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, about 90 minutes north of Montreal. The weather was mostly pretty good, so a great time was had by all -- swimming, canoing and just lounging around reading books. For my part, let's just say a lot of BBQing and drinking local beer was involved!

And speaking of reading, here's the list of books I actually got around to reading while on vacation:

As is usually the case, the four of us passed the same books back and forth quite a bit. I'll indicate who read each book with the appropriate initial: w/j/s/d. What can I say, we're a family of big readers! We were also a DVD watching family, with my wife and I getting through all of Buffy season 7 as well as a good chunk of Angel season 2 and Homicide season 1, not to mention some miscellaneous movies.

I've posted reviews of most of the books on my other blog.

The more observant amongst you will notice that I don't list either of the two winners from my Summer Reading Poll. That's because the spirit was a lot more willing than the eyeballs to read anything even vaguely good-for-me. I'm about 60% done the Feynman bio and I haven't started The Pirate's Dilemma at all yet. Oh well.

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