Welcome to the new blogging community aggregator: Scienceblogging.org

Check it out: Scienceblogging.org. On twitter too!

Thanks to Dave Munger, Bora Zivkovic and Anton Zuiker for coming up with what we've all been waiting for -- a way to keep track of all the new science blogging networks that have been sprouting up everywhere lately.

From Bora's Drumroll, please! Introducing: Scienceblogging.org:

But over the last month or two, the world of science blogging changed. Scienceblogs.com is there, big and good, but not as dominant as it once was. Other existing networks suddenly became more interesting and more visible. They started growing. New networks got started and are still being built at an alarming rate of approximately one per week. This is a good thing - many more blogs are now enjoying increased visibility, traffic and influence.

But there is a problem for the reader - how to track all those networks and all those blogs? They are scattered all over the place. It takes time to go through all the bookmarks and feeds in order to catch everything.

They're also looking for input and assistance:

If you are the owner/manager of one of these (or other) sites, and there is something you want to change, let us know - we want the community input as to how to improve the site.

Perhaps you have multiple blogs on your site/network but no common feed. We may have included only a feed for one of your blogs instead of all, or used FriendFeed as a temporary solution. You can fix that - make a common feed and send us the URL so we can switch it.

You may like the way a pretty logo appears next to the names of various networks, but do not like the ugly red Y of Yahoo next to yours. You can fix that as well - switch from Yahoo pipes to a better feed (RSS or Atom) and your logo will show up as well.

Is your network missing? Let us know. Are you building a new network? As soon as it goes live, let us know and send us your feed.

If you have (or intend to post) images on Flickr with science themes, please tag them with #scienceblogging and they will also appear on the site.

We need your help - we want to include independent bloggers as well. But how do we go about it? There are thousands of them! We cannot include all of those feeds. If we fuse them all into a single feed, that would be a firehose moving at the speed of light. There must be a better system!

Also, check out the first few posts on their new blog.

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