New AvantGo Feed Link

I know I've been a bit lax with this blog lately, but just
in case anyone still cares, and has a mobile device (such as a Palm
Pilot, smart phone, etc.) you now can get the RSS feed for Corpus
Callosum on your device.  You have to use the href="">AvantGo service.

If you want, follow the AvantGo link, and download the software, then
install it on the computer you use to sync your mobile device.
 Then go through the setup as directed by AvantGo.
 Then come to CC and click on the AvantGo button in the left
sidebar (where it says Quick Add-Feed Links).  That's it (sort
of).  Next time you sync your device, the channel will be

The "sort of" part is that you may want to include an extra step.
 This is done by going to the AvantGo page and altering the
channel settings.  You may need to do this in order to get the
content that appears after the Read on>> link, or to
choose to include the pictures.  Note that you might have to
upgrade, from the free account to the paid account, in order to have
enough storage space to do this.

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