Bill Moyers: Unscripted

This won't make much sense unless you watched at least part of the Bill
Moyers video of his speech at the National Conference for Media Reform.
 (I posted the video on 7 June 2008.)

In this follow-up video, Moyers is confronted after the speech, by a
reporter from Fox News.  Needless to say, Moyers gets the
upper hand.  

Indeed, this video makes a fine example of the practice of appropriate

In any situation that calls for a response,
the response can be placed on a continuum, from passive to aggressive.
 It is a marvelous skill, to be able to find just the right
level of assertiveness.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that just because someone is
nice, that he or she can be bullied.  Not so.  There
are plenty of humanistically-oriented persons who are tough as nails.

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free registration required to read the full article, which is not
really worth it)


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What is it with conservative pundits, interviewers, and their ilk constantly interrupting, haranguing, ridiculing, and generally thinking that throwing more words at the other guy and not letting him/her get a word in edgewise will somehow make their point?

teh r00d. iz burnz. teh r00d + teh st00pid = nukyuler asplozhun.

By themadlolscientist (not verified) on 09 Jun 2008 #permalink

The Fox News guy was outgunned, but even so, this was nothing more than a satisfying skirmish. As long as corporate media controls so much of what we see and hear, they'll have the upper hand in the long-running war. BTW, I was all set to make the point the first poster made, above. Needless to say, I agree. I think that the right-wing hatchet men make the calculation that they can be perceived, by viewers, as winning the debate, if only they can out-shout proponents of the other side.