How To Shake Up the Status Quo In Washington

McCain has explained his choice of running mate, saying it will "shake
up the status quo in Washington."

It's time for a fact check, comparing Palin to the status quo...

FEATURE CHENEY PALIN Anti-environment Yes Yes Anti-science Yes Yes Oil Industry Supports Supports Foreign
Policy expertise None None Military
Experience None None Shoots people in face Yes Unknown Qualified to be President No: bad heart No: bad grammar Miss Congeniality Not quite Yes Anti-abortion Yes Yes

Right, a proponent of oil companies in the White House.
 That's sure to shake things up.  I'm sure she will
do a heck of a job.

About the foreign policy experience, href="">Fox
News points out that Palin does have
experience, because Alaska is close to Russia.  All those
refugees swimming across the Bering Strait have taught her a thing or
two...oh, wait, those were href="">polar

Palin has stated that as VP, she would promote the href="">interest of Alaskans.

Perhaps we should change the rules a bit, so each
State can send someone to be co-vice President, so all States would be
represented in the White House.  

SHe also has voices support for href="">Creationsim.
 And she's a href="">climate-change

In a way, this is reminiscent of the nomination of href="">Harriet Miers.
 A surprise pick, dubious qualifications, gets everyone's
attention.  Maybe clever, more likely a cheap gimmick.
 Plus, it suggests that the person who made the pick is a tad href="">impulsive.

Seriously, the only thing the Republican establishment cares about is
oil.  They need a proponent of the Industry in the White
House.  Everything else is just a distraction.  Palin
might shake some things up a bit, but they are not
the things that the Party insiders care about.


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Speaking of bad grammer...

SHe also has voices support for Creationsim.

By Your H.S. Teacher (not verified) on 30 Aug 2008 #permalink

It's a rule, and as a teacher you should know the rule. Anyone who criticizes spelling, grammar, or style, must make an error in the course of their criticism. Otherwise, it would seem mean.

Now, that's funny! Thank you, I needed that.

By Bill the Cat (not verified) on 30 Aug 2008 #permalink

All those refugees swimming across the Bering Strait have taught her a thing or two...oh, wait, those were polar bears.

Hey, do you know how much it costs to feed and house a polar bear relative to, say, an illegal alien from Mexico? :-)

And those bears are *picky* eaters. No government cheese for them!

By Quiet Desperation (not verified) on 30 Aug 2008 #permalink

They could still get my vote if we find out that Palin regularly goes out and wrestles the polar bears. Dressed as Lara Croft.

By Quiet Desperation (not verified) on 30 Aug 2008 #permalink

Yes, but who wants to put the outfits on the bears?

By textivore (not verified) on 30 Aug 2008 #permalink

This race is a bit of a mess
But there's one thing that's clear, I confess--
She may be a chick,
But she acts like a Dick
(That is, Cheney), but wearing a dress.