Book Tour

Just a quick note about some of the upcoming events on the book tour, which kicks off this Monday in Seattle. I hope to see you there!

February 9, Seattle Town Hall, 7:30 PM
February 10, Powell's Books, Portland 7:30 PM
February 11, UCSB, 7:30 PM
February 12, Los Angeles Public Library, 7 PM
February 16, Art Center College of Design, 1 PM
February 16, The Book Works, Del Mar, 7 PM
February 17, West Portal Bookstore, San Francisco 7 PM
February 18, International House, UC Berkeley
February 19, Commonwealth Club, San Francisco 6:30 PM
February 21, Barnes & Noble, Manchester, NH 3 PM
February 22, Dartmouth Bookstore, Hanover, NH 3PM
February 24, Harvard Bookstore, Cambridge 7PM
February 26, The Strand Bookstore, NYC 7 PM

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Yeah, I was disappointed to see that Denver didn't make the list, but then noticed that even Chicago was absent.

Mmmhmm, seeing Denver would've made me very happy.

Dear Jonah,

I just ordered you book, very excited.
do have any plans to come down to Pittsburgh or Philly?
I hope you book tour goes well!

you were so good on the colbert show :)
gl w/ book tour ~~

Yes, I know my tour is a cliche of a bi-coastal liberal. I love Chicago and Denver and, if it were up to me, would certainly visit places like the Tattered Cover Bookstore. Alas, writers don't plan their book trips..Hopefully, I'll eventually make it to the parts of the country that don't border the sea.

Just tell your "people" you're vacationing in Wisconsin in February. Then, stop by the Union in Madison and we'll buy the beers!

stay in new york longer!! i'm in school in westchester and can't make it... =(


Watched you on Comedy Central, am very excited about your book How WE Decide, it sounds like it will be the first book I read that adresses my particular problems and I've been reading self help books for almost 30 years.

Awesome, see you in SB

Yeah - Chicago at the very least. Or Madison, WI? You would have an audience there: great town for the sciences!

Great talk and excellent Q&A in Seattle last night. Glad you made it to Town Hall. Come back soon!

Congrads, full house in SB...couldn't get in :) Maybe next book...but just so you know there was a line up of cars still trying to get into the parking lot to see ya

Jonah: What was the best coffee that you enjoyed on the book tour?

By OftenWrongTed (not verified) on 12 Feb 2009 #permalink

I had an opportunity to see you at Central Library in LA and you were great... Can't wait to read the book, and good luck with the rest of the tour!

I am so excited to see you at my school tomorrow (Feb 16, 1 PM)! One note, though: the name of the school is Art Center College of Design, not "Pasadena Art Center." I know it's weird that we have no proper nouns in our name, but that's the way it goes.

I am proud of my school for bringing you--let us have the credit instead of a fictitious institution.

How about Philly...we're a great city too you know!

What is your March 2009 event schedule? Interested in Mass.

By Jody Peroni (not verified) on 28 Feb 2009 #permalink