Inquiring Readers Want to Know: "Why is My Poop Green?"


Photo source, San Jose Library Flickr Photostream.

So you're on ScienceBlogs. What interests you, what are you looking for? As a regular blogger, I wanted to know.

One way to explore these questions is to take a random sampling of keywords that readers have used to search this site. I selected the past month and scanned the top 500 terms (out of a total of 292,566 - but who's counting?)

During this past month, there were 3,860,385 visits at ScienceBlogs. I learned something interesting. Take a look at some of my favorites, listed below and ranked from high to low popularity: {I may need you to explain some of these to me! I do wonder about that reader whose "poop was green."}

Which ones would you like to see as subjects for future posts?

ScienceBlogs readers seem to be a curious, eclectic group. No wonder I enjoy writing for you.

â¢why is my poop green
â¢summer fiction reading list 2011
â¢volcanic lightning
â¢deep sequencing
â¢pet fox
â¢what is torque
â¢why are veins blue
â¢dichloroacetate cancer
â¢evolution games
â¢black holes
â¢cat breeds
â¢synthetic marijuana-like drug kush
â¢tom macmaster
â¢kindle linux
â¢josh timonen
â¢star nosed mole
â¢mini pigs
â¢modern art
â¢pokemon list
â¢good math bad math
â¢spice drug side effects
â¢why does asparagus make urine smell
â¢hydrogen bomb
â¢the frontal cortex
â¢world ends today
â¢hermit crab
â¢how to tell if someone is gay
â¢applied statistics
â¢pokemon characters
â¢largest snake ever found
â¢why do we yawn
â¢how to use linux
â¢serotonin depression
â¢horny goat weed
â¢omega 7 fatty acids
â¢hot pockets
â¢4 chord song
â¢andrew wakefield
â¢chinook salmon
â¢sponge bob
â¢hydrogen sulfide suicide
â¢inner ear
â¢postdoc salary
â¢neil degrasse tyson charlie sheen
â¢bioidentical progesterone
â¢real dragon
â¢richard dawkins
â¢sea lice
â¢issues with science journalism
â¢artificial marijuana
â¢halfway to crazy town
â¢why evolution is true
â¢why do people believe in conspiracy theories
â¢science in everyday life

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good math bad math

Read as: "Good meth, bad math"

By Herp N. Derpington (not verified) on 21 Jun 2011 #permalink

fugu. one can never discuss that enough.

i do like "good meth, bad math", though.

evolution games

Eating a large quantity of green vegetables will sometimes make my poop green.
Similarly, eating beets will make it red. (A disturbing experience the first time!)

I've noticed that large quantities of Oreo cookies can turn poop black.

I'd be interested in seeing what could be done with "Pokemon characters" and "Sponge Bob".