An Olympic Fall

Every four years, I am inspired by the Olympic portrayal of the best of human strength and spirit that brings together nations unlike any other event. Thanks to Canadian sprinter Jenna Martin, I found this astounding example of an Olympic Fall. It is a race emblematic of the value of falls, and failures in our life. It is a must see!

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In Life we are presented with a continuing series of lessons and each lesson will be repeated until we successfully answer the question posed.
The dogged determination required to achieve success must be learned, for if we fail and quit, we fail.
You cannot walk out on life, it is not permitted, the alternative is too drastic to contemplate: Strive constantly to succeed, only with success may the next lesson be begun.

By Joseph Herbert (not verified) on 09 Aug 2012 #permalink

Wow, Jenna is amazing! Thanks for sharing--enjoyed the video. It just goes to show that we can fall and get back up!

By Liz Satchell (not verified) on 14 Aug 2012 #permalink