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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) attempts to classify each pesonality into one of 16 types described by the four letter codes in the table below. TypeLogic has descriptions of all the types, as well as a FAQ. You can find your out own type in this on-line test. If you have a blog you can enter your type in the table below.

[Go here to see the table and the form.](

Google Directory has a huge pile of links on the MBTI. I think some of those people take it way too seriously. This page has some funny descriptions of the types---they seem to have me pegged as "Nerd". Robert Todd Carrol gives some good reasons to be sceptical about some of the claims made about the MBTI.

If you feel like taking more tests and posting results, check out these posts.


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it's not physics but it has *some* predictive power which probably captures some element of reality though one is right to be sceptical of all self-assessed personality tests. I think you're likely to find a preponderance of NTs. What would be interesting is to see whether certain personality types correlate with political views.

Does anybody know if Lott's personality type is the same as Mary Rosh's and Washingtonian's?

what i've always hated about these kinds of forced choice quantitative tests is that there's no way to say "well, under certain conditions i am like this, while at other times i am completely the opposite". fun though.

crap, i meant to type rat, and i typed art. i had to do this test as how i feel now. in other moods, i'd answer the questions a lot differently. a lot of yes no's for what i'd say, maybe now but maybe not later.
but what the hell, worth a giggle :-)

I am sick of these things, they give me the shits! Vague questions with yes and no answers...ridiculous.

Dunno Strange,

There's something of the dropping-your-knickers-in-public to this blogging thingy, I reckon. Mebbe Modern Life is forcing lots of Es to live I-type lives, resorting to the PC for their social sustenance ...