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Shamelessly stolen from Gawker: Brick Fatwa Libertarian Also Gets Fat Government Checks. For what? A preventable disease! Oh, what ever happened to personal responsibility?

Illustration: A typical American male libertarian in its natural habitat

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So, âChris Hâ, you recently sat at your computer and without any demonstrated sense of irony as you were posting it, you posted to your blog a picture of a man sitting at his computer, with the implication that he is posting to his blog.

This came with the further implication that such activity is a negative thing worthy of scorn.

Still without a sense of irony as you typing your caption, you openly editorialized that the morbidly fat slob in the picture is the physical image of "a typical American male libertarian in his natural habitat", which is implied to be a habitat of blogging, which of course is YOUR habitat.

You implied that he is Mike Vanderboegh, and you further implied that Vanderboeghâs demonstrated lack of principled thinking and grossly premature incitement of violence is a libertarianâs intellectual image, and that his economic hypocrisy is the moral image.

All your editorializing, missed irony and scornful implications come not in the name of satire, but in the name of SCIENCE, right here on âscienceblogs".

Iâm sort of a âlibertarianâ myself; specifically Iâm a Randian Objectivist. (Weâre the ones who will tell you that Vanderboegh is what you get when you try to have freedom without a philosophy of reason behind it.) I have a very early-stage project which will need a privacy consultant and/or attorney. I saw you on TV. I just came here to learn more about you.

And thatâll be enough. Next...!

By John X Smith (not verified) on 26 Jul 2010 #permalink

And even if not intended maliciously, any feature like this could be exploited
in the future by malicious software like cell phone viruses. Or Apple, AT&T, or
anyone working with them could access it remotely without the user's knowledge.