Planned Parenthood: Trying to Addict Your Kids to Sex

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How's this for a tinfoil hat conspiracy, brought to you by the American Life League--

Planned Parenthood's strategy in this great world is to:

Phase one: Get kids addicted to sex.
Phase two: profit! Through selling birth control, STD testing, and abortion.

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Snort.. Next up: How the Aquarium industry is hooking fish on water, to keep making a profit on fish tanks.

color my mind blown

The EPA is hooking us on breathing, NOAA on drinking, DOE on seeing things at night. It's all a massive conspiracy!!!11!!eleventy

By Robert S. (not verified) on 16 Feb 2012 #permalink

@#2: Breathing's how they get the young ones hooked. Then the poor kids move on to urination and defecation, and then by the time they're teenagers, they move on to harder bodily functions like intercourse. Disgusting, I tell you. It's like we're related to animals or something.