Live Webcast of Neuroimaging Summer School @ UCLA

The UCLA Neuroimaging Summer Education Program starts today at 8:30 am Pacific. Standard Time - and is going to be streaming live at this address (video embedded below). The schedule is quite impressive, including talks from Rick Buxton, Mark Cohen, Russ Poldrack, Vince Calhoun, and Jose Hanson among others. Topics include everything from causal modeling to network analysis and multivariate pattern recognition.

Monday, July 20
08:30 Intro & overview (Russ Poldrack & Mark Cohen)
09:30 MRI acquisition: basics (Mark Cohen)
11:00 Ethical issues in cognitive neuroscience (Russ Poldrack)
12:00 lunch
13:15 MRI acquisition: advanced (Mark Cohen)
15:00 Laboratory: Neuroanatomy (Susan Bookheimer)
Tuesday July 21
08:30 Spikes and BOLD: Can they get along? (Dario Ringach, UCLA)
09:30 Hemodynamics and fMRI signals (Rick Buxton, UCSD)
11:00 Neural basis of imaging signals (Rick Buxton, UCSD)
12:00 lunch
13:15 Basic experimental design (Susan Bookheimer)
14:30 Advanced experimental design (Russ Poldrack)
15:30 Lab: Introduction to Mac and FSL
Wednesday July 22
08:30 Preprocessing: Image registration and motion correction (Russ Poldrack)
09:30 Preprocessing: EPI unwarping, intra/intersubject registration (Russ Poldrack)
11:00 Statistics I (Jeanette Mumford, UCLA)
12:00 lunch
13:15 Statistics II (Jeanette Mumford, UCLA)
14:15 Lab: Statistics by hand in MATLAB
15:30 Lab: FSL Preprocessing
Thursday, July 23
08:30 First-level fMRI modeling (Russ Poldrack & Jeanette Mumford, UCLA)
09:30 First-level modeling, continued (Russ Poldrack & Jeanette Mumford, UCLA)
11:00 Group fMRI modeling (Jeanette Mumford, UCLA)
12:00 lunch
13:15 EEG/MEG (Charan Ranganath, UC Davis)
14:15 Lab: First-level statistical analysis
Friday July 24
Software package comparisons (Russ Poldrack)
08:30 Multiple testing problems (Jeanette Mumford, UCLA)
09:30 Data quality control (Mark Cohen)
11:00 Q&A session
12:00 lunch
14:15 Lab: Group modeling and Multiple testing
Saturday July 25
all day EEG lab, or MRI physics lab
Monday July 27
08:30 Advanced fMRI modeling: percent change and power analysis (Jeanette Mumford)
09:30 TBD
11:00 fMRI Design Optimization (Tom Liu, UCSD)
12:00 lunch
13:15 Lab: working with datasets, and power analysis Tuesday July 28
08:30 Improving reliability (Gary Glover, Stanford)
09:30 Reporting fMRI data (Russ Poldrack)
11:00 Connectivity analysis (Russ Poldrack)
12:00 lunch
13:15 Computational anatomy (David Shattuck, UCLA)
14:15 Diffusion tensor imaging (Nathan Hageman, UCLA)
15:30 Lab: working with datasets
17:30 EEG/fMRI demo (Brain Mapping Center)
Wednesday July 29
08:30 Network analysis (Steve Petersen, Washington University)
09:30 Dynamic causal modeling (Marta Garrido, UCLA)
11:00 ICA (Vince Calhoun, University of New Mexico)
12:00 lunch
13:15 Graphical causal modeling (Clark Glymour, CMU)
14:15 Lab: Connectivity exercises
18:30 Group Dinner (Napa Valley Grill)
Thursday July 30
08:30 Pattern classification (Steve Hanson, Rutgers)
11:00 Pattern-information and representational similarity analysis (Niko Kriegeskorte, NIMH)
12:00 lunch
13:15 Avoiding statistical circularities in brain-activity analysis (Niko Kriegeskorte, NIMH)
14:15 Lab: working with datasets
Friday July 31
08:30 Psychophysics for fMRI (Don Kalar, UCLA)
09:30 Setting up an imaging lab (Mark Cohen)
11:00 Imaging difficult populations (Susan Bookheimer)
12:00 lunch
13:15 Q&A session
15:30 Presentation of results from data analysis projects


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Do you know if they will keep videos online?