Greg Laden may love Linux, but nothing beats Mac and PC

I know it's strange! I never thought I would actually go to web sites (intentionally!) to watch computer ads. But the Mac guy is so cute! And the ads with Mac and PC are sooo funny!

I think these little film clips rank right up there with Steven Colbert and The Office.

What think you?

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Those are funny, and he is cute. But mine are funnier and she's cuter!

I agree. The Ads are sooo Funny! As a former PC guru I built hundreds of systems from scratch. I also went to people's homes and offices to work on machines and teach them how to use them. Rarely did I run into a Mac, but when I did there was an inexplicable enthusiasm from the owners and an almost tangible glint in their eyes! LOL!
I have talked to lots of other Mac people who love them beyond description.
I call computers marvelous, miraculous machines that just keep becoming more so every day!
I also agree with Greg that LINUX is very amazing too!
Dave Briggs :~)

Yes, Mac is definitely very cute. And I love the ads too. I do occasionally go and check out the new ones. And I must add that they worked on me too. In July I became a Mac convert, and I love my Mac! It's so much more fun, and everything works seamlessly. No problems yet after 5 months.