More ideas for geeky gifts

i-94af72a0ce974991d9282fec269c7e02-koko_eyes.jpgNo, you can't have a glow-in-the-dark kitty.

But never fear, the SciBlings and I have other ideas for holiday gifts.

If you really have your heart set on glowing animals, and you don't live in California, you can get a tankful of lovely glowing fish, genetically engineered with a different version of the protein (GFP) used to make the glow-in-the-dark cats.

If you prefer clothing over pets, there's the pathogenic line of formal wear.

If you've got a child on your list, Janet wrote about these last year, but hey, building sets are always fun. Or, if your kids like other kinds of toys, Janet suggests cuddly and huggable E. coli.

If the person on your list says "yuck!" and acts a bit squeamish when you talk about bodily fluids and tell them that genomic DNA looks just like snot, check out Karmen's collection of functional fractals.

And, perhaps you're not giving gifts but requesting them? Chad has ideas. He's put together a suggestions for a gift that he would like people to give to him.

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I will settle for a glow fish this year, but with YOU on the case I am sure by next year we can get the glow in the dark kitties and puppies! LOL!
Dave Briggs :~)

Thanks for links .Very usefull for me.Happy new year