Another Nutball Rabbi

Thanks to Bartholomew for linking me to this blog by a rabbi named Lazer Brody who almost makes Yehuda Levin seem sane by comparison. He is allied with Levin in trying to destroy the rights of gay Israelis to march through any means necessary, including violence. In this post, he talks of Levin's partnership with equally authoritarian Muslims in trying to make sure no gay person has the right to protest and march that everyone else has:

What brings Rabbi Levin and Sheikh Temimi together? Temimi says, "The Gay Pride marches promoted by the highest levels of the Zionist Government... a wild campaign against Islam, the doctrine, and the holy sites!"

Rabbi Levin adds, "Only this onslaught of homosexual radicalism could bring together such disparate voices."

Indeed. Only their shared hatred of gays and their undying desire to see them destroyed could bring together Muslim theocrats and Jewish theocrats. But it hardly makes the world a better place for these two groups of madmen intent on destroying one another to join forces to destroy someone else.

Rabbi Levin warns that the Abomination community are down but not out. With strings in the highest levels of Israeli government, they'll keep trying to defile Jerusalem. Rabbi Levin wants their future efforts nipped in the bud. He has assembled a formidable coalition of world religious leaders - including the Pope - to preserve the sanctity of Jerusalem.

And by "preserve the sanctity of Jerusalem", he means "destroy the rights of gays to life and liberty." Surely if a gay pride event destroys the sanctity of Jerusalem, then the mere existence of gays in the "holy city" does the same thing. Like Levin, Brody argues that allowing gays to publicly exist in Jerusalem brings down God's wrath upon them, in the form of strengthening their enemies.

Many rabbis say that the threat of defiling Jerusalem triggered the recent Lebanon War, for by "virtue" of the war, the Impurade was cancelled last summer. Funny, as long as the threat to Jerusalem's sanctity isn't eradicated, the threat of Hizbulla missiles continues to loom like an ax over Israel's neck too. This is a dangerous measure for measure that the suicidal secular anti-Torah regime ignores.

This is every bit as idiotic as the Christian nuts in America claiming that Hurricane Katrina was sent by God to destroy New Orleans as punishment for their sinful ways. In this post, he even offers praise to God for causing the violence both by ultra-orthodox nuts and by Palestinians in the occupied territories that prompted the need to move the event to a stadium due to lack of police availability:

Hashem, you're the greatest. Once again, You've shown us that you run the world. In retrospect, all the activism didn't do a thing. The way You manipulated events to create a security crisis led to the compromise/police demand that the Impurade be held on a limited scope in a confined space in an area that's spiritually contaminated anyway. The result - the whole thing fizzed out with a few dozen demonstrators in an empty stadium, even what the super-liberal Haaretz termed "Poor attendance*". The pink lion has become a paper tiger canary. This is none other than another wonderful lesson in emuna. Thank You, Hashem - everything You do is for the very best.

Let's all take our activism time and turn it into Torah and prayer time; that way, we'll see a lot more miracles.

Hashem is what many traditional Jews call God. He is here praising God for creating a "security crisis." Let's be a bit more specific than that. According to this loony, God himself is responsible for causing his fellow loonies to riot in the streets, setting fires, destroying property and trying to stone policemen and poltiical officials. He is further thanking God for his fellow theocratic fascist who placed a bomb in the doorway of a police station in Israel. And he is thanking God for causing Palestinian loonies to start rioting in Beit Hanoun, which prompted the Israeli army to open fire, killing 18 of them. God did all of this, you see.

Now, when Muslims say things like that, praising Allah for the deaths of infidels and soldiers and innocent civilians, we rightly call them terrorists. And that is precisely what Levin, Brody and his fellow theocratic thugs are: terrorists. They praise God for the death of dozens of people because those deaths meant that a group of people who have no connection to them, who have done nothing at all to harm them in any way, would be deprived of the rights that Levin and Brody take for granted. Making sure gays can't march is worth killing innocent people over; that is a pretty good working definition of insanity.

Want more proof? See this post, where he again praises the violence that led to the event being confined to a stadium and blames the Israeli government for even allowing that much. Complaining that the Israeli Supreme Court allowed the event to take place in the Hebrew University Stadium, he writes:

This week, the high court has done it again. Ignoring four different petitions, the justices turned a blind eye to public safety, majority (75-85%!) sensitivities, and to the essence of the Jewish State, and have upheld the Attorney General's order to allowing the Impurade to take place.

You especially have to love the sheer chutzpah (word chosen intentionally) of complaining about the police turning a blind eye to public safety when the only ones threatening public safety are Brody and his fellow crazies. There is absolutely no threat of violence from the people marching in the parade. The only violence comes from the nuts like Brody who want to destroy the liberty of gays, if not gays themselves. The only threat to public safety is the coalition of medieval thugs who have vowed to make Jerusalem burn.

And this guy has the gall to complain that the government doesn't care about public safety? This is mafia logic at its most absurd. This is the logic of someone who says, "That's a beautiful city you got there. It'd be a shame if something happened to it. And if you just do what we want, we'll make sure it stays beautiful." And then blames the person who didn't pay their protection fee for the city being destroyed. Only the protection money being demanded in this case is the rights of gays and lesbians to publicly assemble the way every other group can.

This is like walking into a McDonald's, putting a gun to someone's head and saying, "Give me all your money or I'll shoot everyone in here." Then when they do shoot everyone in the place, they blame the person who didn't give them their money. Obviously, that person turned a blind eye to the safety of those citizens. It's his fault, not the guy with the gun.

And this kind of moral insanity is being preached by someone who puts himself in a position of moral authority, for crying out loud. This is a guy who puts out CDs teaching people how to gain self-composure and how to strengthen happiness. I picture this guy with a t-shirt that says, "Happiness is....crushing the rights of gays." It's particularly galling that a moral cretin like this is holding himself out as a moral leader. He makes Ted Haggard sound rational and consistent.

Of course, that type of moral insanity is nothing new to these groups. Levin's website, ridiculously titled Jews for Morality, contains an article blaming the men who were stabbed at last year's gay pride parade for their own stabbings:

What do you think? Who caused the bloodshed at the march?

Was it the young man, a quiet Talmudic scholar, father of five, with no police record, who stated that he acted "in the name of G-D..."

...Or was it the left-wing politicians and the left-wing judiciary, who forced this abomination on an unwilling populace?

I'll make this really simple for you: The bloodshed was caused by the barbarian with the knife in his hand, who believed that he had the right to kill someone for daring to live in a way that you and your fellow nuts don't approve of. And by all of you with the same insane mindset.

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All the more reason to withdraw US support from the area and let the loonies fight it out among themselves.

By MJ Memphis (not verified) on 15 Nov 2006 #permalink

MJ Memphis - could you please do that after my family, friends, and I immigrate from here?

There are some sane people in Israel (not too many, I admit)...

By ParanoidMarvin (not verified) on 15 Nov 2006 #permalink

ParanoidMarvin- I know the feeling. Trust me, living in the South US is much the same- too many loonies, not enough sane.

By MJ Memphis (not verified) on 15 Nov 2006 #permalink

Rabbi Levin wants their future efforts nipped in the bud.

I have a modest proposal this rabbi might just embrace. As we all know homosexuals are incapable of procreating in the traditional sense. This shows that homosexuals can only reproduce and increase their ranks as a result of heterosexual coitus. If we truly want to prevent the homosexual agenda from spreading then we must obviously make every heterosexual male and female infertile as well as destroying all existing egg and sperm banks. Only then will we be sure that homosexuals will not be able to spread their immorality to future generations.

The word "chutzpah" is particularly appropriate in this context. (I'm sure you know this example, but I will write it for anyone who doesn't).
A child killed his mother and father. At his trial he pleaded for leniency because he was an orphan. Now that's chutzpah.
This whole incident makes it clear that the problems of intolerence that we have in this country are not because of Christians but because of fundamentalism.

Maybe Fred Phelps and his inbred rabble can go over to Israel to lend Rabbis Levin and Brody a hand next time.