Walmart Protestor Wins Preliminary Injunction

In the case of Edward Crayton, the man protesting Walmart's pro-gay policies who is being represented by the ACLU, a Federal judge has granted a preliminary injunction allowing him to continue his protests pending the outcome of the case. The case is scheduled to begin January 26th.


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WOW!!! The ACLU defending the right of a Christian seminary student to protest? Ed, stop the presses. This is virtually unheard of. ACLU defending free exercise???

It must just be part of the vast ACLU conspiracy, right? Trying to throw those clever STACLU types off the scent of the ACLU and the Establishment Clause, the sneaky ACLU every now and again files suit in support of free exercise.

Has this made the STACLU front page?

Has this made the STACLU front page?

Oh, come on! Everyone knows that the ACLU only takes cases like this to cover up their true, communist, anti-Christian agenda!

This case is clear proof of the ACLU's pro-Christian, anti-gay agenda.