The Antarctica Files: Penguin Sex.

Yes, you read that right.

Penguin sex.

You know youve always wondered.

Now you can see it for yourself.

Yes, for the rest of the trip, we made 'penguin sex' jokes at any/all given opportunities. This often involved flapping our arms for a visual demonstration. The 'penguin punch'.

I didnt notice it at the time, but I did after my bud uploaded this to YouTube: Please note that while several of the penguins in the vicinity just sat on their eggs, minding their own business-- there is a creeper penguin, like, right there, just staring... staring at the other two penguins having penguin sex... breathing...

I laughed really hard at that.

But then I realized that we were even creepier creepers, recording and watching two members of a different species having sex.




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All that and a reiki massage afterwards?

I think you may have gotten it wrong: Creepy Penguin isn't being creepy. He's stoned out of his little gourd. He's like Brad Pitt's cameo in True Romance: too strung out on whatever penguins like to really notice.

"Dude. Wow, man, you're having sex right in front of me. That's cool., man. Hey, you two wanna smoke a bowl? I got extra."


I believe this validates Rule 34, but the only joke it brings to my mind is the one about leprechaun nuns.

The MadPanda, FCD

By The MadPanda, FCD (not verified) on 13 Jan 2011 #permalink

They were in such a hurry they forgot to take off their tuxedos first! Heartwarming, more or less...

So not something I ever really needed to see. Yet at the same time, so not something that I could pass up the opportunity to see.

I think it is official that penguins cannot manage to do anything without being adorable.

A few more possible alternative explanations for Creepy the Penguin!

1. He's very deeply depressed and unable to muster the energy to look away from this charming scene. (Courtesy of my mate, who doth tend to look always upon the bright side!)

2. Creepy is the bride's father / groom's mother / overprotective relation of one or the other, and is keeping a close eye on the dastardly seducer of their loved one.

3. The happy couple is in sex therapy, and Creepy is their erotic exploration counselor.


The MadPanda, FCD


By The MadPanda, FCD (not verified) on 13 Jan 2011 #permalink

There are penguins near where I live in New Zealand, a few minutes drive away.

Now I know why people go to the Antarctica to see penguins.

Penguins there live exposed on the open.

Penguins in New Zealand have burrows.

Just saying.

Erm, I'm saying the penguins are a few minutes drive from where I am, not that New Zealand is a few minutes drive from where you are. Right?

Watch this while listening to "Poker Face".




So, the seven dwarfs request an audience with the pope...

What were you actually doing in Antarctica?

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