The Antarctica Files: SLIDE SHOW!

Hey one of my boat buddies uploaded a slide-show Quark made for us to YouTube!

Everyone on the ship uploaded their favorite pics to the ship computer, then they picked some of the best for the slide show. Please note that one of THE BEST pics is of my hot white thighs. *AHEM*

(you can turn the sound off-- the music is just cheesy stock 'music')


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What does the AHEM mean? You want me to put your photo back up on the page? :)

Cool. I only recognised you in one of those photos ;)

Looks similar to my trip but it looks like you also visited other areas. Did you take a swim in the bay in Deception Island? That island does bring it home to you, all those whales that were killed for whale oil.

As well as the place being unique, the friends that I made on that trip added to it being that extra bit special. I still keep in contact with them and we have the odd get-together. I miss the place!

I think I sent you a link to my photos already, but at the risk of whoring my website here it is again, enjoy!

In the first video is someone about to die at 1:50?