An Evening with Dr. Richard Dawkins

Attention those of you in the Atlanta area!

The students in Kennesaw State University Atheists United have invited Richard Dawkins to speak on campus, and they are opening up their event to the public!


Tickets are available for purchase HERE!


Im gonna get him to sign our Nightwish poster!!!   :-D

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$55 seems quite steep for an evening talk by a visting scholar at a university, and can't imagine many college students would be willing to shell out that much money to see him. The price suggests that his visit isn't being sponsored by any other groups or departments to help defray the cost.

I'm also surprised that it is not even on the calendar of the Atlanta Science Tavern. They should really reach out to them for some additional publicity, as they routinely list events at local universities that have a science theme.

Oh wow, I saw him speak in Oxford for the princely sum of £3, and in Cambridge for free as part of the Festival of Ideas... Make sure it's actually him speaking, and not his wife reading excerpts from his books - I felt short-changed at the £3 event that he wasn't actually the one doing readings!