Fun drawing (by a sprog).

(Not the post title I'd have chosen, but the sprog in question is sitting right next to me.)

The younger Free-Ride offspring likes to draw, and seems to have a fondness for marine mammals. Today, we offer two drawings of otters.

Here's an otter with a sea urchin.


I'm told the otter plans to eat that sea urchin.

This is an entirely different otter (which the younger Free-Ride offspring tells me is the baby of the otter in the first picture), and a dolphin:


I don't know how much of a problem dolphin poo is for otters in general. Arguably, dolphin poo is a problem for *this* otter.

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Absolutely brilliant!

By Catharine (not verified) on 05 Dec 2009 #permalink

Y'know, I took one glance at the first drawing an said, otter with sea urchin. Pretty obvious.

The 'otter and dolphin with poop' drawing was also very obvious. Not sure what the later one means. Any poop issues lately?

No matter what it is ... It is brilliant. I admire children for their the imagination.