Snow Dayz!!

In honor of all the snow being dropped on the Northeast US, I give you "Things that rock & things that suck." Cue the theme music...

  • Things that rock: Snowfall measured in feet.

    Things that suck: Freezing rain.

  • Things that rock: Showing up to class/work on cross-country skis.

    Things that suck: Cancelled classes.

  • Things that rock: Watching ill-prepared undergrads try to navigate an unplowed path or snow drift.

    Things that suck: Navigating an unplowed path or snow drift.

  • Things that rock: Riding your bike in the snow.

    Things that suck: Snow removal services that plow snow onto bike racks.

Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but they aren't really "removing" the snow, so much as "moving" it to another location. There are certain places that moved snow tends to accumulate -- and it usually piles up right where you want to be. Am I right here? There's the pile of snow blocking your driveway, the pile that blocks your side street, and the pile that keeps you from getting into your parked car, let alone trying to move it from the curb to the road. There's gotta be a way to plow two orthogonal streets without creating the freakin' Himalayas blocking one of them. I mean, I have a better chance of climbing K2 sans sherpa than trying to get from my little side avenue onto Main Street. Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

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