Oh Deer!

Until yesterday, there was a span of about two weeks in which this blog laid dormant. I did that on purpose because I didn't want to give you all the blogging you crave. All three of you who may crave my blogging. And I'm guessing not one of those three even noticed the silence. Ah, the joys of insignificance.

Besides being a lazy dick, I actually have a valid excuse for my silence: I was moving. Or, rather, I am moving (my move is not yet complete). Where am I moving? From grad-school to post-doc. It also happens to be a move from one city in the middle of nowhere to another city in the middle of nowhere. But I'm even more in the middle of nowhere in my new locale that I was previously. So much so, that when I looked out my window on the first day in my new home, this is what I saw:


And I think I saw at least one of those each day I was there. That's not to say that there aren't deers in the middle of nowhere town I lived in during grad school (there are plenty); but my new house is in the middle of nowhere within the middle of nowhere. It's isolate, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

In closing, two things: First, hopefully blogging will resemble yesterday's activity more that the previous two weeks' worth. Second, it's not that I don't like living in the small towns (I do), it's just that I was surprised to be living so close to what can pass as "nature" in this modern age. I'm sure PZ Myers can top me by showing off how small his town is, how many woodland creatures he has prancing through his yard each day, and how many fucked up people he has sending him death threats every day.


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I've lived in rural areas most of my life so I'm used to deer near houses. What's weird about living where I do, though, is that they're also in the middle of town--I see them driving home around the hospital complex if I'm there at night.

Where exactly are you in the middle of nowhere? I wanna see deers, but I've lived in cities my whole life.

Fuck, make that deer. Stupid irregular pluralizations.

I see them driving home around the hospital complex if I'm there at night.

Tara, I know what you meant, but now I have this vision of a herd of deer in an open convertible driving around town at night, hooves hanging out, the driver's antlers swinging and bouncing, the radio blasting. Thanks for the inadvertent funny!

Yeah, I have deer that roam through my property too. I'm suprised I haven't hit one yet.

* Is there a scale to approximate "middle of nowhere"? What would it be? (Living in the old world, everything might be considered middle of nowhere but still...).

* Usually, many things happen to be seen at night, even at places we don't think they would and we sometimes we think they wouldn't...

* Three was either a bad guess, or humility...