Editor's Selections: Moral Disgust, Experimental Controls, Smoking Addiction, and another DSM-5 Proposal

Here are my Research Blogging Editor's Selections for this week.

  • Snacking on fertilized duck eggs features prominently in the first editor's selection for this week. Food-related disgust and moral disgust: are they related? Find out at this Genealogy of Religion post, Foreign Ideas & Moral Indigestion
  • Jon Brocks outlines a proposed change for the upcoming DSM-5, which would recategorize kids who were previously given a "Pervasive developmental disorder - not otherwise specified" as having "social communication disorder." Well worth the read, at Cracking the Enigma.
  • "Many studies in clinical psychology and psychiatry are making the mistake of using healthy controls who are too healthy," writes Christian Jarrett at BPS Research Digest. Find out just what he means: beware the super-well.
  • "No one has voted to make cigarette smoking illegal. But the public space in which this legal activity can be pursued is disappearing." Another fantastic post by Dirk Hanson of Addiction Inbox: For Smokers, Nowhere to Run and Nowhere to Hide.

That's it for this week... Check back next week for more great psychology and neuroscience blogging!

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