Evolving Thoughts moves

So it is farewell...

I have enjoyed blogging here at Seed, who have been generally very good to me given the constraints of herding cats with string they are working under, but it is time to move on. The neighborhood became a little hostile to old fashioned fogies like me, and that's all we need to say.

Many thanks to the cat herders at Seed, Erin, Arikia, and their predecessors, and to Tim who wrastles the technological b'ars. Thanks also to Adam Bly for the opportunity, and to PZ Mangle, who threw me into the back of a black unmarked van and brought me here.

Now, where can you find me? Here:

ET 3, and the RSS feed is here. Tim assures me everything on this site will remain up indefinitely, which is good for those sites that link to various pages, but I will try to reconstruct it all at the new place too.

So, goodbye and hello.

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