Delicious Internet Noms

Carnivals, and a suggestion for a 2-minute women in science Internet activism task, below the fold.

In the spirit of the Diversity in Science carnivals, I note that Wikipedia's women earth scientists category is considered "underpopulated". And, bizarrely, there do not appear to be any categories devoted to highlighting minority earth scientists at all.

I have absolutely no idea what it takes to get a new category past the relevant Wikipedia throng; I suspect it's not hard. And it is definitely dead simple to add articles to an existing category - I just did it for about a dozen women earth scientists. All you have to do is copy and paste a little code snippet. Frankly, Wikipedia has a much bigger audience than the science blogosphere. So even if you don't have time to write a fullblown profile of your own for the carnival, why not take a couple minutes to flag one or two existing Wikipedia profiles?


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