Hey, is this thing still on?

Feedburner tells me that there are still more than 50 people waiting patiently for my next post here. Um. Hi?

When I shifted from personal/political blogging to science blogging, and particularly when I started writing here at ScienceBlogs, I wanted to be a reliable source. Turns out that it's difficult for me to care about being reliable without dredging up a whole bunch of other issues about wanting to be seen as an AUTHORITAH! - Cartman voice and and all. So, that slowly got to be less fun.

Turns out, I miss having a blog that was less about explaining things, and more about discussing them.

I'm not making any promises - it's been almost 10 years since I started doing this and I have never made promises - but I've written a couple of posts about foraging and bicycles, which are things I've been doing lately that I don't feel so much like an authoritah! about. They're on my old domain. That's where more posts will appear, too, if I write them.


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We are paaaaatient, precious. Veeeeery patient!

Oh,a nd yeah, I'm subscribed to your other one too. I like hearing about you, even if I don't have very much direct contact any more. a pity.

I am so happy--always good to check Green Gabbro in anticipation of a new entry! I look forward to many new stories/thoughts/opinions------

Hei hei. I, too, use this route to scienceblogs, 'cause hey, I don't want or require authroetieh, but another happy scientist perspective of how these physics and reality bump into mundane, ooh, tasty plant food, or practical, wow, coding is like knitting patterns. Science never lacks its white knights or champions, however transmogifiers in short supply. muy hugs, nes