Don't eat the babies


Camille Allen's tiny baby sculptures have been all over the blogosphere. Contrary to popular belief, though, they're not made of marzipan (almond candy) or icing - they're polymer clay and mohair. So you're not supposed to eat them - thank heavens. Still amazing, though. (And a perfect counterpoint to the giant baby sculptures by Ron Mueck - or the giant baby I just posted by Parmigianino.)

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I've never been a fan of imitation food anyway.

By AnonymousCoward (not verified) on 20 Jan 2010 #permalink

So cute, but almost too real! I think every time I saw them out of the corner of my eye I would feel like I was neglecting a real baby. Also they clearly come alive as soon as you turn your back...

In the strange way my brain works these sculptures are what inspired me to sculpt a lifelike baby rat the first time.

I enjoy working with fimo/sculpy/polymer clay. You can put such fine detail into it. So much time would go into making these it would be a shame to eat them if they were marzipan. Mmmmmarzipaaaaan [drools]