How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog Photoshop Contest Results

So, the big How to Teach Physics to Your Dog Photoshop contest concluded on Friday. We got five really good entries, and the judges (me and Kate) had a hard time reaching a decision. After long deliberation, though, we've come up with a solution.

But first, the entries:

Jane Di Giuseppe has Emmy as the dog pulling Einstein's strings:


John Pearce has Emmy playing with Einstein as well:


And Joseph Roith tells Maxwell's Demon to respect Emmy's authoritah!:


But in the end, it came down to two pictures: Tristan Croll's take on the famous chalkboard photo:


It's a little-known fact that not only was Einstein a whiz when it came to physics, he was also an excellent sketch artist. In this picture, he is seen drawing a portrait of his most attentive student, using his favourite medium (chalk, of course).

And Rei's take on a famous painting:


The judges split on this one. I really like the chalkboard picture, and had the Dali painting second, while Kate preferred Dali to chalk. As specified in the contest rules, we turned to SteelyKid for the tiebreaker. I showed her the chalkboard picture, and she giggled: "That person's drawing Emmy!"

Then I showed her the Dali painting, and pointed Emmy out: "Emmy's in the picture! That's silly. Those clocks are broken."

"So, which do you like better, honey?" I asked.

"I wanna watch Winnie the Pooh," she replied. And wouldn't say anything else.

Once we got Winnie the Pooh started, we tried to get Emmy to break the tie, but she was sulking because none of the contestants had sent her any bacon. And The Pip just drooled and cooed at both. So, it's a tie. Congratulations to both Tristan and Rei; I'll contact you for mailing information soon.

If you missed out on this contest, you can still bid for one, and help out a good cause: the "Con or Bust" project providing travel support for fans of color to attend SF conventions (which is run by Kate) is having a fundraising auction, and items up for bid include a signed copy of How to Teach Relativity to Your Dog and a signed copy of How to Teach Physics to Your Dog in your choice of several languages. Bidding is open through Feb. 25th.

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Congratulations to the winners, it was fun to participate!

By SPratapsi (not verified) on 13 Feb 2012 #permalink

Wow! My friend got in the top five and my sister won!
I guess I'm the odd one out.
Congrats to the winners!


Love the Dali painting, too.