Kid Art Update

Our big home renovation has added a level of chaos to everything that's gotten in the way of my doing more regular cute-kid updates. And even more routine tasks, like photographing the giant pile of kid art that we had to move out of the dining room. Clearing stuff up for the next big stage of the renovation-- cabinets arrive tomorrow-- led me to this stuff, though, so I finally took pictures of a whole bunch of good stuff. (On the spiffy new tile floor in the kitchen, because the light was good there...)

The kids's school sends home portfolios of what they've done in art class for the year, and I collected those photos together into a Google Photos album for easy sharing, because they're pretty cool. My favorite piece of the lot is this polar bear by SteelyKid:

Polar bear by SteelyKid.

That's in pastel chalk on construction paper; you can see some preliminary sketches of the bear in the album. She drew the scene in pencil, colored it in chalk, then traced important lines with a marker. It's very cool.

The Pip has some neat stuff in his portfolio, too-- I especially like that they had the kids making Mondrians out of strips of construction paper-- but my favorite of his was a non-art-class drawing that was in the pile:

The Pigeon, by The Pip.

That's a very credible rendering of Mo Willems's Pigeon for a kindergartener...

Anyway, other than that, life continues in the usual whirl. I'm getting really tired of living out of a mini-fridge in the living room and a temporary sink in the kitchen that's at about knee level to me (when I have to wash dishes, I pull up a chair and sit down, which takes the stress on my back from "agonizing" down to "annoying"). But, cabinets this week, so we can see the oncoming train at the end of this tunnel...

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Great stuff!

By Michael Vander Sande (not verified) on 13 Aug 2017 #permalink

SteelyKid seems to have some talent for art. The bear's shadow is an impressive bit of detail for somebody her age.

Kitchen renovations are painful. I remember the one I went through, which was 13 years ago, and I didn't have kids around the house. I basically ate out for the better part of a month. And my kitchen job was quick, as those things go.

By Eric Lund (not verified) on 14 Aug 2017 #permalink

Really nice pictures!
In particular the shadow of the bear and the humor of the Pigeon ...