Happy Earth Day


Happy Earth Day, Earth! Do you recognize any of these locations?


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The Department of Education has issued its National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) 2005 science assessment noting that "[t]he national results show an increase in the average science score since 1996 at grade 4, no significant change at grade 8, and a decline at grade 12." The report is…
So this is an idea shamelessly stolen from Noah Smith, a blogger who writes about economics.  He has created an "illustrated bestiary", introduced thusly: In your journey through the Econ Blogosphere, you will be beset by a great many curious and interesting species of EconoTroll. At first you may…
Do cell phones decrease male fertility?  Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic think so.  According to href="http://www.clevelandclinic.org/reproductiveresearchcenter/staff/agarwala.html">Ashok Agarwal, et. al., greater use of cell phones is associated with decreased sprem count.  Other factors,…
Tanystylum bealensis male, ventral view, showing eggs and instar 1 (protonymphon) on ovigerous legs. in. 1, instar 1 (protonymphon); pa, palp; pr, proboscis; 1, first walking leg; 2, second walking leg; 3, third walking leg; 4, fourth walking leg. Surely, you haven't had enough information about…

A: The Moon

C, D, E: The Earth

A is Spider Crater, Australia