Liveblogging the Results: Yes we can

McCain is conceding . The crowd is booing Obama, McCain has to calm them down.

Now, here, and over the next couple of weeks, McCain has to put the horrors back into the Pandora's Box that he and Sarah Palin opened.

Some people are probably going to die because of the way they ran their campaign. It is his (and Palin's) responsibility to mitigate the damage they've done.

There are only a few more states left. No more updates from me. Indiana will go Obama by one percent. Montana ... we'll have to wait. I think they count the ballots with mules, takes longer. Missouri will go McCain, Nevada will Gobama. North Carolina is so close they might need a recount.

I am very very happy about this. Thank you, everybody, for all the great work you did.

Now, we await news from the senate.



Oh Michelle, Michelle ... Michelle. That dress does not .... oh never mind, everyone will probalby be wearing the Red Apron motive for the next year....

The red state blue state united states line.

It has been a long time coming .... Change has come to America.

Mentions McCain. The crowd cheers. No jeering. As Obama talks about McCain and Palin, the crown graciously cheers.

Democrats are good. Republicans are bad. Never doubt that, grasshopper (that was me, not Obama, but I know he thinks this too).

Notice there is no Biden. I promise you that you will NOT see Obama and Biden in the same place EVER (or at least hardly ever for the next eight years). You understand, yes?

Anyway, Obama thanks Biden, mentions family, cute kids, and promises them a NEW PUPPY!!!!

Now he mentions his grandma who just died, other relatives.

BIG cheers for his campaign team. "You made this happen you people!"

It occurs to me that most people who get to be president have to make a lot of deals in smoky back rooms. But Obama didn't really do this. Except this puppy. That was probably a deal he made with his family at the very beginning.

They should name it smoky.

Obama actually spent a LOT of time very accurately describing the campaign machine and thanking all the little people. That was nice.

A bit of promised land talk, followed by the crown breaking out in the "yes we can" chant.

This victory is not the "change we seek" ... this is only our opportunity to work for that change. Oh crap, he's telling us we all have to work for these things.... Oh, ok, whatever....

Concessions to the Republicans (who are evil) and stuff about how we'll work together (except they won't). Good luck with that, Barack.

"I may not have won your vote, but I hear your voices, I need your help, and I'll be your president too."

Now, a reference to the rest of the world. The dark ages are over.

Yes we can workup, call and response with 100 thousand people.

Unfortunate religious ending.

Then, Biden's stunt double came out for a minute. Looks a LOT like him, really!


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I thought DC votes did'nt count for president.

MSNBC says we won Pennsylvania. I have heard McCain aide after McCain aide say that they cannot win without Pennsylvania, so it looks good for now.

I don't know how it works with DC . They have no congressional delegation. They are represented in the Democratic primaries, but not the Republican primaries (because the Republicans don't like or represent black people) ... I'm not sure about the representation.

Well we kicked ass in NH. Come on FL.

AHHHHHHHH!!O9u21035y q3[0 yhalsjdfbkzdf


New Mexico went Obama (no surprise) we're at 200 to 90... with CA, CO, WA, and OR to go, which are pretty definite. And FL looks like it could well go blue. I'm calling an Obama victory.

I just called my Dad in IL. PA is at 65% Obama (27% reporting). IL is at 58% Obama (14% reporting). PA just PWNED IL!

DC gets to vote, they have Electoral College members, what they don't have is Senate and House seats. Elenore Holmes-Norton (iirc) is the non-voting representative in the House for DC.

They have Republican primaries, but nobody shows up for them. Ok, 30 or 40 people might... seriously it's THE highest concentration of Democrats in the nation.

Hopefully, DC can lose their Taxation Without Representation license-plates now. That would be AMAZING.

By Roger, FCD (not verified) on 04 Nov 2008 #permalink

They have a primary? I stand corrected. Maybe I was thinking of P.R.

"Utah: who do you think?"

Utah is fundiest freakiest state in the nation. If the nature of christian deception can show in the genes, they've got it. Rove is from Utah, I don't think he calls himself a mormon but, he has the mormon illness.

Kick that mor(m)on ass! Go Obama!

*potentially* split I mean. They obviously haven't this time.

Obama leading in Indiana, with 97% reporting...

Holy shit. It might actually happen. I couldn't have imagined it when I moved here 12 years ago.

MSNBC just called for Obama!

By Roger, FCD (not verified) on 04 Nov 2008 #permalink

Woooooo wooooo woooooo!!!! High Five to Everybody!

By Elizabeth (not verified) on 04 Nov 2008 #permalink

I'm still waiting on Indiana results. Obama win was a given. I want my state to do the right thing as well.

I was really worried that this was not going to happen.

DC gets 3 votes in the electoral college due to a constitutional amendment (23rd). it becomes the equiv of 1 house, 2 senate votes. the same amendment "as interpreted" led to the non-voting house seat they currently have.

By Joe Shelby (not verified) on 04 Nov 2008 #permalink

McCain's speech is gracious, his crowd isn't. Typical.

By Roger, FCD (not verified) on 04 Nov 2008 #permalink

Virginia- WOOOOO!!!!
Take, THAT you fuckingrightwingwhackaloon "I'll never vote for anybody with a Muslim name" random Virginian pig!
Sam Rasoul still got his ass beat though :-(

America: pro-half-white Kansan Christian
Still anti-Muslim.

So much more to do...

Stephanie: I've met some of your friends. I can imagine several of your friends pointed this out more or less in unison!

You will never, ever, EVER hear a Republican say: "I will be your president too," speaking of people who didn't vote for him.

By Roger, FCD (not verified) on 04 Nov 2008 #permalink

I was really impressed by McCain's concession speech. I thought it was the best we could expect from the guy, given the dishonest campaign he ran.

I'll count your ballot with a mule, Laden ...

No, come on, give Montana a bit of credit. Obama might not take the state, but the fact that we have it as close as this is pretty amazing.

"Nothing ever ends."

There is still close to three months until the inauguration, and four years of service, leadership, demands, successes, and failures. Can he maintain the good will? Can he weather the challenges? Can he establish his independence from those who think they own him? For a lot of people whored themselves out on his behalf, and they will demand their silver.

"Nothing ever ends."

How many ways can he betray the trust of those who voted for him? How many ways can he lose them even as he succeeds in his goals? For people are fickle creatures, and the consequences of his policies and programs could alienate the electorate. How will the people see the compromises he has to make? How will they react when he implements programs and policies first proposed by those hated Republicans? Will the saying one day be, "Only Obama can cut capital gains."?

"Nothing ever ends"

Now comes the hard part, leading. Leading, persuading, standing firm when necessary and giving way when that is the only answer. Being firm when he is right, having the courage to say, "I was wrong." when he is wrong, and having the wisdom to tell the difference.

"Nothing ever ends."

Oh, and Greg, expect disappointment and betrayal from President-elect Barack Hussein Obama. For he will betray you. There will be times when he will seek support from the Republicans. Times when he will be at odds with Pelosi and Reid, for neither of them have half the sense and insight that he does. I do not agree with his politics, his policies, or his ideology, but I cannot see him as ever being stupidly vindictive. He will make mistakes, expect them. He will show signs of brilliance, expect those. But he will take actions, make decisions that will shock and amaze you. He will do things you never thought he'd do, for now, unless something happens to prevent it (and let us all hope that does not occur), he will be President of the United States of America. Not your President. Not President of any ethnic or cultural group. Certainly not President of any single ideology or social movement. He will be our President, may he bring honor and distinction to the role.

Adrian Veidt: I did the right thing, didn't I? It all worked out in the end.

Dr. Jonathan Osterman: "In the end"? Nothing ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends.

Alan, I'm a pragmatist, and I think Obama is as well. i don't think expectations of betrayal are appropriate. Expectations of reality are.

I think he will do the best he can, even if we sometimes feel betrayed. I only preferred Clinton because she had more reason and perhaps more capability to wreak revenge against Republicans, who would be shipped off to Siberia in a just world. But Obama will probably get more done. He will play the Washington games and beat the Republicans at them.

By uncle noel (not verified) on 05 Nov 2008 #permalink

I don't anticipate feeling betrayed.

By Elizabeth (not verified) on 05 Nov 2008 #permalink

I think a LOT of how we will all feel in six months to a year from now is going to be based on what the Republican minority does or tries to do.

"Nothing ever ends."

And there is nothing new under the sun.

By Montezuma (not verified) on 05 Nov 2008 #permalink

Then, Biden's stunt double came out for a minute. Looks a LOT like him, really!

Nice save. But your point is well taken. They waited a long time to let the VPE out. That is a tactic.

I agree that Michele could have a nice talk with Sarah about fashion. Although in the past, Michele seems to have been very very nicely dressed, J.O. style.

Annie: I'll have to be honest with you ... my first reaction was that she was pregnant.

Now, here, and over the next couple of weeks, McCain has to put the horrors back into the Pandora's Box that he and Sarah Palin opened.

Unless he wants to leave the box open. This is a possibility.

I will have to review the tapes.