I can't believe what a total chump you are. Yes, you.

Corporate America removed Bush from office for the pragmatic reason that civilization would have collapsed had they not. Now, with Democrats resting on their laurels and drunk with power, Corporate America seeks to restructure the economy, the regulatory system, and society as benefits them most. Are you going to just let that happen?

Stephanie Zvan at Quiche Moraine explains.

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Corporate America removed Bush from office for the pragmatic reason that civilization would have collapsed had they not.<?i>

Oh. And I thought it was because his term in office had ended. As to whether civilization would have collapsed, I don't think we're in the clear on that yet.

By Virgil Samms (not verified) on 24 Aug 2009 #permalink

Chump? Hell, I'm Corporate America. I work for a small start-up. I have my retirement accounts invested in corporations. I figure it must be all my fault.

I work for an idiot who can't seem to run a company unless it's "into the ground". I have no health insurance. It went by the wayside when the owner decided he couldn't afford it any more. I don't think he's paid the payroll taxes he's been deducting for quite some time. Retirement benefits? Yeah, right. I'm lucky if I can afford to pay for my utilities and get new glasses this month. The glasses may have to wait a bit longer.

Health insurance simply isn't an option for me right now. If I had a spare $500 a month lying around it would go to pay some other bills first. I've been to see a physician twice in the last ten years. One of those times was work-related, so I had no out of pocket costs.

I'm not the only one in this kind of situation. I have no fucking health care options. I make too much to get state assistance, yet not enough to actually afford health care on my own. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Oh, yeah, go ahead and die earlier so someone else can collect the money I've paid in to social security.

Fuck Corporate America.

Dan, just be glad there is no socialized medicine. You would be getting your care, but in an Obama Internment Camp.

That's okay, as long as the camps are segregated. I don't think I could handle being locked up with the evangelicals for very long without snapping.