Happy Birthday Stephanie!

This post could be like the end of the movie Casa Blanca, with two versions, because I know two Stephanies with birthdays today.

One is my oldest friend in Minnesota, long time partner in various adventures in life, best 'man' at my wedding, and is seen here sending laser beams out into space:


Happy birthday Stephanie, and please check your email for a much fuller comment on circumcision!

The other is my partner in crime, I mean blogging (and a couple of other things), and much more recent BFF, Stephanie Zvan of Quiche Moraine and Almost Diamonds:


Happy Birthday Stephanie Zvan!

Go over to Stephanie's Blog and say hi!

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Happy birthday Stephanie, and please check your email for a much fuller comment on circumcision!

LOL, I'm picturing that message in a Hallmark card :)

Happy Birthday The Stephanies!

Happy birthday to Stephanie the former, who can kill you with laser beams, and Stephanie the latter, who can probably do it with words. And I mean that as a compliment.

Good day to have a birthday! Only the smartest are born on 9/24