Going Rogue: An American Life

Going Rogue: An American Life is the name of Sarah Palin's new book, due out on November 17th.

Here's the publisher's summary:

From her humble beginnings to her time in the spotlight as the first female Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin has led an extraordinary life. Going Rogue will recount her political experiences, her time as Mayor of Wasilla and as the first female governor of Alaska, as well as her rapid rise on the national stage during the 2008 campaign. Additionally, she'll share insights into the personal challenges she's faced including balancing her time as a working mother, recognizing the war's impact with her son serving combat in Iraq, having a child with a disability and supporting her teenage daughter through an unplanned pregnancy.

Palin has received much attention through the media, but never before has her complete story been told in her own words. The memoir will be both a personal and political chronicle of her life.

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Gotta love the Amazon suggestion:

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Some people wear boxers, some people wear briefs, but Sarah Palin goes Rogue - see ignorance at its most distilled!

By NewEnglandBob (not verified) on 03 Oct 2009 #permalink

The must miss book this holiday season.

It will probably both sell well in the true believers circles. The main volume will be purchased in bulk by conservative think tanks and working groups as part of their welfare for party faithful program, typical purchase is one or two thousand doorstops per organization. Combined it, despite its vapid contents, may reach the best sellers lists. Which is the point.

Typical scam is that the book only gets published when the pre orders reach a certain point. The politician who gets set up in such a deal gets a generous advance and the help of one or more of the more popular ghost writers. The book comes out and is primarily sold to the usual organizations who purchase it as both welfare and a back door campaign contribution.

The ability to undertake such a scam and the profits from it cement the loyalty the wider organization. And there is every chance that Sarah Palin will be able to add "bestselling author" to her CV. Many a monitor and keyboard will be soiled by spewed a drink.

I can't remember, is "retarded" still considered an unacceptable term in book reviews?

By Albatross (not verified) on 03 Oct 2009 #permalink

FYI: One of yesterday's highlihgts in adn.com (anchorage daily news) was Todd Palin resigned from bp.

If it's truly in her words, the publisher will have saved a bundle by only having to buy one period. Though those savings were probably more than balanced out by having to buy commas, dashes, and elipses by the truck load. Also.

Now Sarah Palin and I will have one thing in common - neither one of us will ever read her book!

The book has a second title you know:

"Being Crazy: Life as a nutcase"

By MadScientist (not verified) on 03 Oct 2009 #permalink

the honest title is of course:

"Sarah Palin: a Quitter's Life"

Oh, gosh. I SO cannot believe I am going to say thisâ¦

" a working mother, recognizing the war's impact with her son serving combat in Iraq, having a child with a disability and supporting her teenage daughter through an unplanned pregnancy."

This is a lot my tsuris than I have in my life for sure.

I still won't read the book, though. Well, maybe. I mean 'keep your enemies closer' comes to mind.

Oh, hell.

I keep misreading the title of the book as Going Rouge.

And that was before I saw Ms. Palin wearing a red shirt on the book cover. What bright spark thought that was a good idea?

of course, we all know that some definition of a rogue are: a criminal, a thief, a scoundrel - seems apt to me. I guess you can she she also went rogue when she cut loose from her handlers and opened her mouth, letting the world see how vacuous she truly is.