Help with writers block.

I'm writing an academic article and I have writers block. Lets see ... what shall I do....

Need a sentence for your latest article? Write one here! Just select a word or phrase from each drop-down list and click "Write It."

So I did that and came up with:

The eroticization of the gaze recapitulates the engendering of power/knowledge.

Perfect! Never mind that the paper is about mole rats. This is perfect..

Try it yourself.

Hat tip Digital Rabbit

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I once wrote a paper on that your sentence would have fit very neatly into. Film studies was such a gas.

I meant "wrote a paper on feminist film theory..."

Not sure about writing papers, but it sounds just about right for writing the fortunes for Chinese fortune cookies.

Whenever Im constipated, from a writing perspective, I start with....We considered the hypothesis... after that the writing just seems to flow.

In actually fact that approach only works for results sections, and maybe discussions, of papers.

Go and read a Denyse O'Leary post. You will instantly guffaw and realize that you wrote better in 6th grade, and thus be inspired to new heights of creativity. Coffee!

Ah, I see; you've found a bug in the site. Normally it does a better job matching up with your needs. That should read:

The eroticization of the naked mole rat recapitulates the engendering of power/knowledge.