Delusions of Gender

This Friday's Skeptically Speaking will feature ...

... academic psychologist Dr. Cordelia Fine. Her new book, Delusions of Gender: How Our Minds, Society, and Neurosexism Create Difference, challenges the assumption that gender roles are wired into our brains, and shows us how ubiquitous cultural stereotypes are mistaken for actual fact.

That will be a life discussion with Desiree Schell.

Also, this Friday's edition of Skeptically Speaking will have the latest "Everything You Know is Sort of Wrong" in which Greg Laden (whoever the heck that is) asks if modern hobbies are an evolutionary consequence of prehistoric gender roles.

Desiree and I just finished recording that, and it went fairly well considering that we are both in the latter stages of a very nasty upper respiratory viral infection. I'm sure she can edit out the coughing and hacking.

You can listen live on line here.

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Are you going to be a regular on her podcast from now on? (BTW Skeptically Speaking is a great podcast--I am a long time listener!)

There were no um's and long pauses. And, I'm actually pretty sure Desiree edits this particular tape.

Gwen, I've been doing this regular spot for a while now. It is, however, scheduled irregularly.

Not a "falsehood" spot but still me:

Hmm, could be. Aside from K.O. being referred to as editor, I don't have any strong evidence that the same person who made me sound good is the person making you sound good. Could depend on which segment you're on.

There is almost no editing on these spots. Only a few bits have ever been edited out of previous episodes. We do it like it is live and Desiree takes out one or two chunks to cut the time down. It is intense, but it works, keeps it fresh and dynamic. (We had a major crash once in the middle of the thing and she spliced together pre-crash and post crash segments ... turns out free Skype tends to shut down by itself after an hour or a bit less, and Desiree and I had chatted too long before the recording started!) However, last night there were three major coughing events that would probably break the radio.

You might want to see whether there's an updated version of Skype. I don't run into the one-hour problem, and I'm almost embarrassed to note how many multi-hour voice and video calls I've done. At least one Ubuntu user in there, too, so it shouldn't be just differences between versions.