What are the best steampunk goggles for me to wear to SkepchickCON?

This year's CONvergence is allegedly more steampunk themed than usual, so we may be required to wear goggles to the various sessions on evolution, skepticism, etc. I need help picking out which ones to wear. So far, these are the choices:

Hobart Welding Goggles:


Harry Potter Quidditch Goggles:


Flip Fronts:


Classic Round Lens Moto Goggles:


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It came down between the Hobarts and the Harry Potters for me. Ultimately it will depend on what else you're wearing. If I had to choose right this moment, I'd go with the Harry Potters. :)

I think the real question is, do they come in my prescription? Gotta go with the flip fronts - better for welding and sunny days.

Hobart Welding Googles, if you're not riding a motorcycle and Classic Round Motogoogles if you are.

...the flip-fronts are cool!

By starskeptic (not verified) on 24 Feb 2011 #permalink

The metal frames on the moto goggles make them the most "stempunkish" for me.

From time to time, I've seen goggles with holograms on the lenses. My favorites were pictures of wide-open eyes, weird enough to keep most people at arms length. I think they were in a sporting goods store, for swimmers.

By John Swindle (not verified) on 24 Feb 2011 #permalink

I like the flip fronts. By flipping them up it allows for serious eye contact, and then you can lower them when you want to be more incognito.

Plus, if you need to give the evil eye in a pinch, it's just a wrist flick away.

By Charles Sullivan (not verified) on 24 Feb 2011 #permalink

I'd recommend the flip-fronts or the welding goggles, they're the most steampunkish. The Quiditch goggles are a bit too playful with the Golden Snitches on the sides, and the Moto goggles look more suited for Digimon cosplay.

By Phillip IV (not verified) on 24 Feb 2011 #permalink

In addition you need a bit of "Mad Max"-style post-apocalyptic gear and clothes. Patches of Kevlar sewn into your other rags to keep the cannibals at bay, armor plates, that sort of thing.
Yes I know that "steampunk" is another narrative universe, but post-apocalyptic chic rules. The dark victorian stuff is soo boring. Maybe you could wear the patched-up high-tech clothing left over from a trip to a parallel universe?

By Birger Johansson (not verified) on 24 Feb 2011 #permalink

Flip-fronts for sure.

I found a pair of cool leather folding goggles at the St. Louis Park Ax-Man Surplus for about $5 that fit over my glasses. They were labeled as 'Chinese army snow goggles', but given that it's Ax-Man, they may have just picked that at random. A google image search for that phrase did turn up a picture of them though. I also picked up some magnifying glasses and paper binoculars that I'm going to see if I can repurpose to make Steampunk science goggles (assuming I get time between work and grad school).

The Hobart goggles used to, don't know if they still do, have various lenses available. A guy I worked with used a medium green shade for oxyacetylene welding and had a clear lens in the other. He would wear the goggles all the time as safety glasses using both eyes preparing parts to weld in place, and close the eye not protected by the filter when welding.

He also had the habit of getting right in peoples faces and looking them square in the eyes. Freaked a few people out when this big guy, with one eye a dark orb and the other behind clear glass, got in their face.

The Hobbart Welding goggles are what I used. Spray them brass and attach at clip on eye glass loop. It looks real steampunky. I have people offering to buy mine at the Skepchick party at TAM 8.

Googles for the SkepchicCON? I like the ... wait are you a chic?

There are welding goggles that contain an LCD screen that goes dark when exposed to the flash from welding. It is fast enough that the eye is not damaged.


I was unable to find round lenses that would fit traditional goggles, but they do make faceplates.

What you could do is adapt one of the face plates, hack into it so you can flash the face plate opaque when you need to.