I'd like to announce a new addition ...


No, no, not that kind of addition... What, are you crazy?

I'd like to announce a new page on Evolution ... not just a theory anymore blog. It is a "media page" which consists of podasts and stuff that I've done.

The page is in its infancy, and I've only got a few items listed so far. Soon it will include everything I can remember.

Please have a look!

Thanks to bradrundage for letting me use his baby.

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I didn't even know your blog was pregnant!

By Drivebyposter (not verified) on 28 Aug 2011 #permalink

One of the best ones, Mike! There's actually about six or seven MnAtheist talk shows and a half dozen more skeptically speaking, plus Mn Humainst and Mn Atheist TV and a talking heads. Or bloggging heads, or whatever.

I want to stop now and see if I can make the process of formatting these things easier. Right now I'm doing it the hard way.

Any suggestions on how it looks would be much appreciated.

Glad to see you're adding the rest. As for formatting, you might want to constrain the width. On a wide screen, the long lines of text get to be a bit much.

Niiiiice! :)