#Ebola Outbreak: Rate of new cases remains high, Nigeria may now have outbreak

It is probably safe to say that Nigeria now has an outbreak, as a handful of cases contracted in country seem to have been reported, though it is too early to be sure this will stick. Hopefully it won't.

There is also one suspected case, a death, in Saudi Arabia, of someone who would have caught it in Liberia.

The number of new cases per unit time seems to have increased, or at least, stayed high as it has been for the last several days. The following chart based on WHO data shows the cumulative number of cases and deaths, including probable, suspected, and confirmed, as per WHO reports which come out at irregular intervals but generally every few days, though today's report (August 6th). The mortality rate continues to hover between 50 and 60% (the drop at the end of that line is probably an artifact of the rate of new cases added and does not mean a drop in mortality rate, most likely)>


See this post for a more detailed look at the dat up through the previous report, where there is a discussion of some of the nuances.


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    Thanks for updating. I'm in a remote forest region (with a good internet connection but not a phone connection) and my ebola spreadsheet is not with me; I won't be updating until Monday.

    Yes, that looks like a very serious increase.