AGW Class Cyclone Pam Nearing Vanuatu

Pam is a tropical cyclone of category 5 strength, but is churning over waters that have high temperatures at depth, a phenomenon we seem to be seeing more often lately, as a result of anthropogenic global warming. That is why I call it "AGW Class." Strong Category 5, deep heat enhanced. It is said that this is one of only 10 Category 5 storms recorded in the basin since good data are available. The Weather Underground has the story.

In addition, there are three other tropical cyclones extant in the Pacific.

Nathan is just on the Tropical Storm-Hurricane boundary and is heading for Cape York, Australia. Olwyn is a fully formed tropical cyclone (hurricane) with sustained winds at 85mph, and is busy menacing the west coast of Australia, which it will scrape over the next several hours, reaching Sharks Bay very soon and passing off the southwest corner of OZ over the weekend. But since that is so many time zones away we really have no idea when any of this will happen. Bavi is a tropical storm out in the Pacific heading roughly west by northwest. This storm may reach hurricane strength in a few day, but the forecast I saw is very uncertain.

And yes, there are views of the Earth that allow you to see all four storms at once. Here is one from the Climate Reanalyzer. The storms are marked but you should be able to spot them:


This one, that I got of Twitter, has the storms marked:


You don't see this every day.

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There is a small cyclone here off N/E Australia, but is only small one, brings the necessary rain only - that cannot bring any happiness and excitement to the Warmist... The one off Vanuatu is much more promising - lets finger cross and hope that will kill and destroy a lot - to bring happiness to the people with prevalent psychopathic genes... So that they don't have to keep misleading that the polar caps are melting...

P.s. cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes are made from O2&N2+H2O, wind and rain; nothing to do with CO2!!! If you don't want cyclones and tornadoes - all you need is: get read of the O&N and H2O. Make it same as on the moon - no cyclones and tornadoes there, very peaceful. cheers!!!

By stefanthedenier (not verified) on 12 Mar 2015 #permalink

Greg, if you are a Warmist, why don't you blacklist me? In my book says: 'on Warmist blogs, no Glasnost allowed'' are you trying to prove me wrong? I'm never wrong, and would like to keep clean record...

By stefanthedenier (not verified) on 12 Mar 2015 #permalink

Stefanthedenier, we are all hoping no one is killed in Vanuatu.

Also, you are getting pretty creepy.

Cyclone Pam is slated to just skip past the Gisborne area (NE cnr) of New Zealand. Could be our worst storm in 30 years if it hits.

@2. stefanthedenier : So for the record you are actually trying to get yourself banned from here and then intend to boast about it later?

@ ibid :

.. lets finger cross and hope that will kill and destroy a lot – to bring happiness to the people with prevalent psychopathic genes…

Speak for yourself fool. Nobody here wants that and some of us are trying to do what we can to make such storms fewer and less intense rather than the reverse. Project much? Strawmonster much?

"So that they don’t have to keep misleading that the polar caps are melting…

You really haven't dared or bothered to do your research here have you? But then you're no rocket scientist or indeed any sort of scientist are you Stefan? Please check this link out :

and see what an actual scientific organisation has observed for multiple years and multiple places. Hint : It kinda, well totally disproves your line there. (Oh & before you mention Antarctica, do check the difference between sea ice and land ice.)

P.s. cyclones, hurricanes and tornadoes are made from O2&N2+H2O, wind and rain;

You forgot particles of dust, ash and sometimes other substances specially introduced to serve as condensation nuclei. Also forgot lightning, thunder and the sharp gradient in atmospheric pressures. Meteorology fail. As for nothing to do with Co2, just go ask James Hansen among other climatologists, unlike you they do have some real idea of what they are talking about.

I'll give ya a generous 1 / 10 in trolling for drawing this response and being mildly irritating. (I sometimes choose to feed the trolls - they do tend to burst, melt down or turn to stone when handled right and can provide some low grade amusement in themselves.)

By Astrostevo (not verified) on 12 Mar 2015 #permalink

Wow! Tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclones don't contain any CO2, so CO2 has nothing to do with their creation? Where did you get that science Stefan, on the back of a matchbook cover? Keep writing Stefan, it's always good to see the climate change deniers discredit themselves.

By matchrocket (not verified) on 13 Mar 2015 #permalink

Why argue with a denier who uses the word warmist? Warmist, alarmist, liberal, socialist, communist, are all buzzwords used by paid deniers (I call it Koch Speak) which I suspect but cannot prove that Stephan is. Climate blogs are full of these guys.

By Raymond Moran (not verified) on 13 Mar 2015 #permalink

It is evident that global warming plays a role in the formation of new tropical cyclones, especially around the Pacific ocean areas. Satellite imaging of the past gives a clear view on how tropical storms have been increasing over the past decade. 15010709

By Ingrid Marais (not verified) on 15 Mar 2015 #permalink

During the past decade cyclones have becoming more and more frequent and with more devastating effects. The strength of a cyclone is directly proportional to the temperature of the water over which it is formed. According to Robert Mendelsohn, Kerry Emanuel, Shun Chonabayashi & Laura Bakkensen a potential impact due to an increase in greenhouse-gas emission is the increase in the damage that cyclones can cause. Will the increased emission of greenhouse-gasses lead to an increase of total storms?

By u15035752 (not verified) on 23 Mar 2015 #permalink