Baba Brinkman Climate Change Rap: What's Beef?

This is F@k1n' brilliant.

Cherry-pickin’ a bit of temperature data
And tryin’ to claim that climate change is in hiatus
It’s not, the trends are still going straight up
But they ain’t tryin’ to change their minds once they’re made up

In 1992 my mama’s thesis
Was about CO2 and Svante Arrhenius
So if you try to tell me that climate change isn’t serious
You’re dissin’ my mama, yup I’m kinda cliquish

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    Boomlay boomlay boomlay boom.
    CO2 sensitivity is this dude's doom
    So if you try to tell me the problem isn't serious
    You're dissin' Arrhenius, so stop actin' delerious.

    Awesome. Thanks Greg Laden.