Ronaldinho In The Office

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Do you ever wonder why your phone call goes unanswered when you call a business during business hours? Well, this video shows you why. [0:48]

This guy has amazing skills, especially since he's using a balled up piece of paper, but he clearly has too much time on his hands. Er, cheeks. Or something.

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I do suspect rather strongly that the "ball" is actually generated afterwards and composited into the video. It's suspiciously indistinct, and it behaves entirely different from what a real paper ball normally would a couple of times (it's basically too light to do some of the things in the video).

Nice idea for a commercial though, and excellent execution!

Agree with Janne. The way the ball ricochets off the water cooler looks unnatural. The butt catch is also hard to believe.

Don't be fooled by the sound effect of crumpling paper - You never see paper really being crumpled into the ball. Instead, the performer just mimes the crumpling action while picking up a solid ball. I earn a significant chunk of my income as a juggler, and the routine that follows after the crumpling-paper deception looks legitimate to me. There may indeed be some camera trickery on that final spectacular catch, but for the bulk of the routine I'm seeing skills well-known to anyone who hangs out at juggling conventions.